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My journal is very new. Some posts are friends only and some are open; deeply personal stuff is always friends only.

I post a lot of my writing, which some being better than others are. I also post my photography, which there is a lot of. I use cuts if I post multiple pictures, but generally do not care about cuts.

I am an American who relocated to Sweden roughly 8 months ago, I'm quite happy to be starting my life over. Due to a lot of changes this past year, I have not been able to post much of my art (pinups) as I was too busy to produce it, but that is starting to change and I look forward to sharing more of it as a result.

I also have many strong opinions about things, so if you are sensitive or easily insulted, you may want to think twice about adding me. My sense of humor is dry and often times on the mean side, though I rarely set out to hurt anyone.

I enjoy reading the journals of people on my friends list immensely and have received much out of adding them, I'm looking to meet more like minded or interesting people to add to my list, especially creative people.

As for updating and comments, I sometimes update a few times a week, other times I will go a week without posting. I comment only when I have something relevant to add to your post or that I think you may want to read. I enjoy comments but if you are shy or do not comment often, that is fine as well, but please don’t add me just to widen your friend's list and look popular.

I don't bite, but if you do, be warned, I will bite back.

Please read my information and maybe even a few entries before adding me, nothing irks me more than when someone simply adds and then decides later it is not their cup of tea. Indecisiveness sucks. ;)

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