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artsy girls!

hey. It is great to find this community of artsy girls like me. I am a jack of all trades... i take photos, make wooden tables, sew, and make candles. Maybe I am a crafter more than an artist, but what is the diffrerence anyways??? Please check out my stuff and leave me your feedback. I am really trying to network and get a jump start to my business (UNA-MAY). I'd appreciate your feedback, and friendship. Thanks! Nona-Lou
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Im in west texas, artist extraordinaire..ok, not really. But I wish I knew how to sew. Your bio sounds awesome, and Im all about networking with other artists no matter where they are. Feel free to add if you so wish.

My main areas are charcoal, graphite, and photography. I also work a lot with charity events and art auctions.
Nice making your acquantance. Sewing is not so hard. I lucked out and bought a machine at a going out of business sale for 70% off. If you get a machine and just play around with it for a while, you will figure it out in no time. I am still a beginner myself, but am going to take a class starting in september, so hopefully we will see better and better stuff pop up on my site :)
best of luck with your art, and please do keep in touch.