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*testing-testing* [16 Feb 2010|10:48am]

It looks like this community is a bit neglected. Bummer!

If anyone still happens to be about...I'd love to network with other artisans!
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add x_lindsayw_x [30 Mar 2007|02:06am]


♥ Please wait for Graphic to load ♥

♥ Please comment to my actual journal and not this post if you would like to be friends ♥
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[10 Jan 2007|01:07am]


x-posted everywhere
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NEW STUFF [17 Dec 2006|01:33pm]

This Panda Purse (by request) and a lot more just as good! CHECK IT OUT! www.musashi.etsy.com
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[04 Dec 2006|11:50pm]


Add Me x_lindsayw_x
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[03 Dec 2006|11:51pm]

Because I got 8 pages here:

Colored with copic markers, this is for lycanthrophile for this free art thing that only she was interested in (sorry, it's closed now, but next time you better jump on it!).

Colored with copic markers, an old sketch of Legolas and Arod(?):

Click the photos for full view!

Like what you see? Then why not friend my art journal? spurkycreations
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[29 Nov 2006|03:17am]

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my art journal is on a comment strike ;) [18 Nov 2006|08:05am]

I won't update my art journal with any more art until this thread reaches 1,000 comments!
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Calling creative types and lovers of art: [18 Oct 2006|09:03pm]
In the past I've had several journals but finally found a home with my current. In days of yore I'd post deeply personal things but find that as I get older I like to remain a little more private and avoid drama, though I empathize how some people need their journals to vent and so I don't judge if anyone else chooses to be personal.

I don't update often, I'm usually working - but I do update at least once a week, and if not I'm at least reading.  I comment "sometimes" so just because you have not received a comment doesn't mean I'm not reading. If I don't comment, it's simply because I don't know the right thing to say, or have little to say in regard to what you've posted.

My journal is above all my photography, art, poetry and once in awhile other people's poetry. I'm obsessively involved with my pinup art and enjoy posting the finished work as I go along.  Occasionally I post stories about my youth or memorable experiences from my past. My present life is a mystery and I'd like to keep it that way. Once in awhile I will post something that strikes me as funny, but that is very seldom.

If nudity or art of a semi erotic/religious nature offends you, you may want to decline adding me. Additionally if poetry is something you dislike, you may also wish to not add me.

I am my work, my work is me - so the journal is primarily my work.
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[08 Oct 2006|02:56am]


Grew up too fast.
Bangs her head to SCREAMO, emO, INDIE, hardcore music.
Uninitiated Wiccan, still waiting a full year.
Artist, Author, Poet, Photographer, Comic Artist, Rockstar.
All of the above.

add her.
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series one! [27 Aug 2006|09:14pm]

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check it out! [12 Aug 2006|11:15am]

Hey, I am a beginner to the sewing, but I am totally psyched about it and have made a lot of stuff over the past two weeks since I started learning. i'd love any suggestions or opinions about what i have done. My aim is to learn how to be better, not to get all offended with criticism! anyways, have a good one everyone!
pictures of my work are posted on the first, third, and last entries of my livejournal.
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artsy girls! [09 Aug 2006|08:37am]

[ mood | artistic ]

hey. It is great to find this community of artsy girls like me. I am a jack of all trades... i take photos, make wooden tables, sew, and make candles. Maybe I am a crafter more than an artist, but what is the diffrerence anyways??? Please check out my stuff and leave me your feedback. I am really trying to network and get a jump start to my business (UNA-MAY). I'd appreciate your feedback, and friendship. Thanks! Nona-Lou

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[11 Apr 2006|07:12pm]
my name is evelyn, but i would appreciate it if you called me by my middle name, autumn.
i am twenty years old and i live in my own apartment in a large american city.
i am norwegian by blood.
my favorite media is watercolor. (no, none of my work is online and it will remain that way. i paint to please myself.) i am also a dancer, mainly ballet.
i am currently in art school.
i have about three friends on live journal and my friends page is rather desolate and lonely, so add me.
i like puppies, specifically mine (13 inch beagle, her name is evee.)
you will find that i like the name eve very much, as it is a nickname of my first name (evelyn) and of my boyfriend's name (everett) and also of my puppy's (evee.) my boyfriend and i are referred to by our friends as eve squared. it is quite fun.
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[14 Mar 2006|05:28pm]

Hey all! The community art_requests is looking for artists, as well as regular members. The idea of the community is: anyone can come in and request something drawn. They may offer something in return for the drawing, a personalized icon, an animation, a colorbar, a fic, promotion, whatever. Or, if they can't do any of that, they can just make a request. Then any of the artists in the community can decide to draw the request for them, and everyone will be happy. So, if you'd like to make a request, join and post a request following the guidelines in the userinfo. If you'd like to be an artist, please respond to this entry and I'll add your name to the userinfo!

*note* I put a little survey for the artists as the first entry in the community, but you don't have to do that, you can just reply to this entry.
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Newbie! [03 Feb 2006|06:19pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

Hey everybody. I just joined this community because it's always fun to meet new people, and I would love to have some fellow artists on my friends page.

My name is Faye, and I'm 22 years old. I've only been painting for a few years, and I've only really had one Art class in my life, but I have managed to win a state-wide competition back in high school. I love painting and drawing. I love all art, really, but those are my two favorite things to do. In the fall, I'm going to start college in Houston for my BFA in painting.

I'm also a huge Sailor Moon fan, and while that may or may not have anything to do with Art, I just thought I'd warn you.

My favorite things to paint are landscapes, and my favorite paint is acrylic. Eventually, I would like to paint in more of a fantasy realm, and I'd also like to be able to do portraits well too.

Um. Anyway, here are some pictures that I've done.

pictures!Collapse )

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Introduction [08 Dec 2005|02:01pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

My journal is very new. Some posts are friends only and some are open; deeply personal stuff is always friends only.

I post a lot of my writing, which some being better than others are. I also post my photography, which there is a lot of. I use cuts if I post multiple pictures, but generally do not care about cuts.

I am an American who relocated to Sweden roughly 8 months ago, I'm quite happy to be starting my life over. Due to a lot of changes this past year, I have not been able to post much of my art (pinups) as I was too busy to produce it, but that is starting to change and I look forward to sharing more of it as a result.

I also have many strong opinions about things, so if you are sensitive or easily insulted, you may want to think twice about adding me. My sense of humor is dry and often times on the mean side, though I rarely set out to hurt anyone.

I enjoy reading the journals of people on my friends list immensely and have received much out of adding them, I'm looking to meet more like minded or interesting people to add to my list, especially creative people.

As for updating and comments, I sometimes update a few times a week, other times I will go a week without posting. I comment only when I have something relevant to add to your post or that I think you may want to read. I enjoy comments but if you are shy or do not comment often, that is fine as well, but please don’t add me just to widen your friend's list and look popular.

I don't bite, but if you do, be warned, I will bite back.

Please read my information and maybe even a few entries before adding me, nothing irks me more than when someone simply adds and then decides later it is not their cup of tea. Indecisiveness sucks. ;)

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[16 Nov 2005|12:56pm]

name is lado. i have a passion for writing. poetry. stories. aritcles. anything really works for me. my journal is used for my writings and stuff iam working on which i never really finish. add me if you wish.
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[10 Nov 2005|02:11pm]


Hi there, my name is Tif...

I'm looking for a few new friends to add to me journal to spice things up a bit.

I have two journals, my main one: eastcoastreject and one entirely dedicated to my ramblings: frgmentaryblues.

Feel free to add me and I'll add ya back!

Some pics I drew...Collapse )

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[28 Oct 2005|09:14pm]

Hello, I'm looking for lj friends. I like reading people's journals and commenting and hope someone would be interested in mine too. I like it when you can be friends and stuff and that the interest goes both ways. And I am interested in basically anyone, it doesn't matter if are interests match up that well or not.

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